BSB and Moto GP for 2018

This week we have a guest blog from Mark Powell:

Mark in the Paddock
Mark in the Paddock

Unlike Formula 1 where if you’re in the fastest car you’ve got a pretty good chance of the title if you can beat your team mate, motorcycle racing is completely different. The teams can setup the perfect bike but it’s all down to what the rider can do when the flag drops. I’ve witnessed many a championship where the best rider has won, not the best bike. Continue reading

The Best Looking Motorcycle Gear Guide

You’ve just bought the latest modern-retro motorcycle, but obviously it doesn’t quite work without the gear to match. You want to mimic the look that riders from the middle of the 20th century had – but you also don’t want gear that’ll rip to shreds on contact with the road. Luckily, modern manufacturers, especially recently, have started creating all manner of gear that looks like it was made 60 years ago, but has most of the technology and design you’d find in a modern race or touring suit – so you don’t have to compromise on looks and protection, but you may have to compromise a little on price. Continue reading

Kevlar and Aramid Fibre Jeans – Are They Right For You?

In today’s post I’m going to cover the relatively recent invention of kevlar and aramid fibre jeans. Technology is continually improving and now some pairs of these jeans are indistinguishable from high street brand jeans in terms of fit and look, while still providing protection in the event of a spill. Continue reading