Beginner Motorcycle Gear - The Best Budget Protection

Beginner Motorcycle Gear - The Best Budget Protection
21 April 2021
Beginner Motorcycle Gear - The Best Budget Protection

So you’re thinking about getting into biking? There’s no better time – the weather is picking up and cafes are opening up again (including Bike Stop’s at the weekends). You’ve probably got your heart set on a bike already and set aside some cash for the wheels, lessons and tests…but what about the gear? If you’ve been running about on a CBT for a while you’ve hopefully got some, but if you’re new to riding then it’s time to pony up for some gear – critical if you’re going to enjoy this potentially dangerous hobby as safely as possible.

Avoid Fake and Second Hand Motorcycle Gear

It’s fair to say that motorcycle gear isn’t cheap, and there’s no getting around that fact. It’s designed to deal with all the road can throw at you, whether that be wind, rain, cold, heat, other road users and occasionally the road itself if you’re unlucky. Solid protection will keep the worst of those elements at bay, allowing you to concentrate on riding and hopefully walk away if it all goes wrong. Avoid the temptation of second hand gear, especially when it comes to helmets. Most gear you can usually see whether any damage has occurred, but internal damage to a helmet is invisible and it can render a helmet useless – always buy new from a reputable retailer as there a bunch of cheap, fake or second hand helmets in the market with temptingly low prices.

Beginner Motorcycle Gear - Simplified

Here at Bike Stop we strive to provide the best customer service possible – for the new rider we’ve even got a set of gear that’ll get you started perfectly, all for £400. This will provide the level of protection a rider shouldn’t go without, at a price that’s about as low as is reasonable without a major compromise.

The set includes a Shark Ridill helmet, Spada City Nav jacket, Spada Metro CE trousers, Richa Carbon winter gloves and RST Tundra waterproof boots. Crucial armour at the elbows, shoulders and knees is present and correct, alongside abrasion protection from Densiweave in the jacket and trousers, and leather/Kevlar in the gloves. The Shark Ridill is fully road legal and even features an integrated sunshield, ideal for those long days of riding in the sun and for when the sun is low in the sky. All the kit is fully waterproof, which is worth its weight in gold as a UK rider, as you can never fully predict the weather. All this for £400, perfect to get you started in the world of biking.

Not all kit suits every rider however, so here are some alternatives you can swap in while not bumping the price up too much. Some people are long limbed, people have different shaped heads, and it’s unfair to expect all gear to fit everyone or suit everyone’s taste. The key is finding gear that’s comfortable, that way you’re more likely to wear it and you will remain more alert with it being a minimal distraction.

Budget Motorcycle Trousers

RST Reinforced Straight Leg Aramid JeansRST Reinforced Straight Leg Aramid Jeans
RST Reinforced Straight Leg Aramid Jeans

Where you might want to splash some cash is on the choice of trousers – if you’re looking for some more casual style then a pair of motorcycle jeans might be right up your street. RST offer examples that can be had for a shade over £120 that offer aramid fibre abrasion protection, alongside armour at the knees. The cheapest examples below £120 forgo armour which limits their appeal, with the extra few quid for armour carrying a strong recommendation. Currently on sale at £116.99, the RST Reinforced Straight Leg CE Aramid Jeans (catchy name, we know) cover all the bases, just bear in mind the lack of waterproofing! If you find the Spada Metro CE trousers don’t quite fit, then the RST Syncro trousers might be an alternative, with a very similar feature set and price.

Budget Motorcycle Boots

RST Urban II BootsRST Urban II Boots
RST Urban II Boots

Alongside changing out to jeans you might also want to look at some more casual style boots – RST offer the Urban II which apes a hi-top trainer but offers ankle protection and full leather construction. While not as protective as a full boot such as the Tundra, these can be more comfortable.

Budget Motorcycle Gloves

RST Axis GloveRST Axis Glove
RST Axis Glove

Gloves are also an intensely personal choice – much like helmets they can be very specific to the person in what does or doesn’t fit. Of course, we can help see what fits properly and demonstrate how to test this in our shop. RST, the budget gear kings, offer a wide range of gloves to suit the beginner rider. If you’re looking for a bit of weather protection the Rallye CE is an ideal choice, with waterproofing, leather construction and carbon knuckle, while the Axis forgoes the waterproofing in a more sporty package that offers more bar feel. Both of these options don’t include a thermal lining however, which the Richa Carbon does – cold hands don’t work well with a clutch or brake lever so bear in mind when you’ll be riding.

Budget Motorcycle Helmets

AGV K1 HelmetAGV K1 Helmet
AGV K1 Helmet

Helmets have a massive range of prices, features and styles. You can easily spend a grand on a race spec helmet, but it’ll still meet the same standard that a solid, budget helmet will. Manufacturers focus their R&D budgets on going above and beyond these standards, as well as engineering in features with high quality mechanisms and designs, you’ll also get features such as the anti-fog Pinlock insert included in more expensive helmets. The HJC C70 is great example of another budget helmet alongside the Shark Ridill; this has the added bonus of a clip for the visor to ensure it locks shut, as well as featuring a double D-ring chin strap which some riders favour. Meanwhile the AGV K1 sits just above these two in price, but has sharp AGV styling that the other two don’t, with a neat ‘micro-opening’ system for the visor to boost ventilation – while it boasts a ‘lightweight’ design it does weigh a similar amount to the other two, so this remains a road focussed helmet.

If you need some expert advice, then you can have a chat online with us via web chat on our website. We’ve finally reopened with our café opening for takeaway at the weekends. If you’re a bit far from Stevenage, our online shop is alive and well, and taking orders for delivery.  You can also check out our full range on our website with free delivery for any order over £50 on the UK mainland, and delivery possible to almost anywhere else. Not only that but our ‘No Quibble’ returns policy allows for returns within a 365-day period – see our returns page for more details. 

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