Winter Storage Checklist


Winter Storage Checklist










Around this time of year you have to start considering if and when you're going to put your bike away for the winter and get the huskies out instead. Here's our checklist of things to remember when storing your bike. We've provided a few links where relevant in case you're missing any of the essentials.

Clean Bike Thoroughly

Start by cleaning your bike thoroughly. The acid contained in dead flies will do your paintwork no good!
[We recommend SDoc100 Total Cleaner]

Add Fuel Stabaliser

Fuel stabiliser helps to stop the petrol from going ‘off’ during the winter period. The stabaliser should be added to the fuel and the bike run for a short while to allow it to circulate through the carbs or injectors. If the bike has a fuel tap, make sure it is turned off!
[We recommend Putoline Fuel Stabaliser]

Get It Off the Ground

It is best if the wheels are off the floor if the bike is left for long periods. Preferably, it should be lifted on paddock stands or at least parked on a piece of carpet or rubber mat.
[Check out our Paddock Stands]

Maintain the Battery

Fit an optimate lead to your battery terminals and plug in the charger whenever the bike is unused. The ‘smart’ charger will boost and drain the battery over a controlled cycle to keep the battery charged and healthy.
[We have a various OptiMate models]

Get It Under Cover

Cover the bike with a dust cover if it is inside or a good quality waterproof cover if outside.
[Check out our selection of Motorcycle Covers]

Lock It Down

Lock it securely! Preferably to a ground anchor or something solid.

Regular Check-ups

Return to the bike every few weeks and start the engine. Allow it to run for 15 minutes and let it cool again before covering it back up.

Put Keys Somewhere Safe

Make sure you know where you left your keys! They have a nasty habit of going walkabout.

15 November 2014