Bike Stop "Club Pounds"

The loyalty system with real cash rewards - not just points!

What are Club Pounds?

Club Cash is the brand new Bike Stop loyalty program that awards 'points' (we call them 'Club Pounds') to account customers every time they shop online at and allows you to save on future purchases.

It's our way of saying 'Thank You' for shopping with us and hope that you will come back to shop with us again.

But they are not like other points:

  • Our rewards are simple and clear
  • They are not just another points scheme of unknown or little value
  • They are directly equivalent to real cash, so you always know exactly how much you have earned:

Each Club Pound = 1 Real £ Sterling! . . . . . . . . . . . . . That's why we call them 'Pounds' not 'Points'

How do I earn Club Pounds?

Earning Club Pounds is simple. For every £20 you spend on products* at Bike Stop online we give you 1 Club Pound – that’s an immediate and full 5% discount on your next purchase. But watch out for extra bonus Club Pounds on certain items and as a member of the Bike Stop Club you'll be the first to know about double (i.e. 10%) and triple (i.e. 15%) Club Cash offers - as well as other special deals open only to you. AND you can combine Club Pounds with other promotions to get even more money off!

*Points calculated per product. Excludes Belstaff, Halvarssons, Lindstrands, Roland Sands and Rokker products.

How can I check my Club Pounds balance?

To check how many Club Pounds you have collected simply go to "My Account" and login to see your balance.

When do the Club Pounds get added to my account?

Club Pounds are added to your account when we charge your card for the items you have purchased. We do not automatically charge your card when you place an order online because we have to go through a number of checks but once these are completed the Club Pounds will be added to your account. Similarly if you return items to Bike Stop for a refund we subtract the relevant number of Club Pounds from your account..

How can I redeem my Club Pounds?

Easy! When you get to the Checkout, so long as you are logged into your account, you will see the option to redeem all or some of your Club Pounds balance. Move the slider bar along to select how many "Club Pounds" you want to redeem, and you will see the total cost of your basket reduce accordingly.

You can even redeem your Club Pounds at the same time as using a promotion code as well, so you get DOUBLE SAVINGS (not bad eh?)

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