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Body armour is an absolute essential for those taking part in demanding motorsports, and is a vital piece of kit for everyday riders. Regardless of your style or your experience, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe whilst out on your motorcycle. If you’re after motorcycle body armour that can offer you impact protection, check out Bike Stops range of Forcefield motorcycle body armour. Forcefield specialise in creating high quality and high-performance motorcycle clothing systems, utilising Soft Armour Technology that offers unrivalled protection whilst remaining comfortable.

Protection for vital parts of the body

There are certain areas of the body that require extra protection, especially if you’re going to be pushing yourself to the limit in a race or motorcycle adventure. Forcefield create body armour suitable for:

  • The legs – armoured pants provide padded protection for areas such as your knees and hips
  • The elbows – limb tubes including elbow protectors, designed to be easily slipped on under clothing
  • The back – back inserts featuring high tech shock absorbing material, perfect for slotting into body armour pockets in motorcycle jackets

With body armour collections from Forcefield, you can ensure that every aspect is covered in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Designed for optimum comfort

If you’ve been avoiding investing in body armour due to cheaper alternatives feeling bulky and cumbersome, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the comfort of Forcefield products. Not only does the Soft Armour Technology allow for breathability to reduce sweating, but they are designed to be discreet and fit under your regular clothing without being noticeable.

Body armour is an important investment, and one that should be taken seriously with lots of consideration about what you need for your chosen style. If you require more advice on which motorcycle protection you need or you’d like to know more about Forcefield as a brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Bike Stop team.

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