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Protecting your body from potential damage caused by a motorcycle accident should be at the top of every riders list, and ensuring you’re protecting your hips with high quality body armour should be a step you don’t miss out on when gearing up. With Bike Stop, you can easily find quality hip protection for honest prices to keep you safe on your adventures.

A critical piece of kit

Hip protection should be considered a highly important piece of motorcycle kit along with other forms of body armour. Hip fractures are a common riding injury so bikers must make sure their hips are securely padded to prevent damage upon impact. Since hip protection is such an important investment, Bike Stop have made sure to source only the highest performing products from accredited brands so riders can head out on their motorcycle with confidence.

Discreet yet protective

Designed to fit comfortably inside the internal pockets, hip protection is a discreet and wearable way to keep yourself safe. Whilst most motorcycle trousers already feature built in hip protection, layering up with extra padding can be a great way to keep yourself extra safe, especially if you’re participating in more demanding motorcycling.

If you’ve been using cheaper alternatives in the past, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable some of the hip protection armour is from our range. From brands such as D3O and Dainese, you’ll be sure to find not only the perfect fit, but some of the highest quality protection available on the motorcycle market.

Designed with every rider in mind

Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, you’ll be able to find hip protection to meet your needs. The specifically designed shapes will fit perfectly on all body types, providing unfaltering levels of protection and comfort during your ride.

Finding the right body armour including hip protection is an important step, so make sure to get in contact with the Bike Stop team if you’re unsure. We can help familiarise you with brands and types of hip protection so you can find the perfect option to suit you.

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  • RST Contour Plus Hip Protectors - Level 1

  • Dainese Hard E1 Armoured Shorts

  • Dainese Pro-Shape Hip Protectors

  • D3O Hips T5 Evo X Level 1 Armour Pair

  • D3O Hips T5 Evo Pro X Level 2 Armour Pair


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