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Find all the gear to suit your style of biking:

Race and Track

Race & Track

Enjoying those Track Days? Thinking about racing or just want the best race protective gear for your budget – we have the very latest selection including Kangaroo leather, made to measure and even airbag technology. Plus race helmets, boots and gloves.

Race & Track Gear


You can really go anywhere and wear any style with your Adventure bike. So take a look at our complete range of textile clothing including Gore-Tex and our range of adventure style helmets and boots, again including Gore-Tex. Plus selection of armour and for the ultimate protection we have airbags vests/jackets!

Adventure Gear


The ultimate in exhilaration on the road needs the top safety gear combined with comfort and “style”. We have textile, 2 piece and 1 piece leathers available all colours from the more plain or “race-style”. Plus a large choice of armour, race style boots and gloves.

Sports Gear


If you ride long distances or want to, with or without pillion, its all about comfort but as always combined with safety. We have a large range of all-season textile clothing, selection of armour plus extras like communication systems, Bluetooth and wired. We also have hard and soft luggage plus backpacks.

Touring Gear
Custom and Cruiser

Custom & Cruiser

You probably don’t want any clothing or helmet style advice here, only you know what you want and we believe we have the widest selection to find it here. For example, vintage leather jackets and trousers or “Kevlar” jeans. And if by chance we don’t stock it, we would be more than happy to try and get it for you.

Cruiser & Custom Gear
Scooter, Commuter and Urban

Scooter, Commuter & Urban

You may be on a tighter budget here or just want your gear for commuting but our range is wide enough to accommodate all amounts. Plus we have some new subtle styles that mean your clothing looks particularly good on or off the bike. And it will still protect you from any weather or other road-users!

Scooter, Commuter & Urban Gear
Enduro, Motocross and Offroad

Motocross, Enduro & Off-Road

Where you ride off-road perhaps even more than you ride on-road or have a purely off-road bike for fun or fitness, we can still cater for you with our selection of Motocross and Enduro helmets, goggles, jerseys and boots. Plus our large range of armour and accessories.

Motocross / Enduro / Off-Road Gear
New Rider

New Biker

We always try and give the very best advice and the team here are all bikers. We can all remember how intimidating/confusing the range of products can be. You may not even know how long you will be biking for! So please just call or ideally visit us and we can explain it all to you to make absolutely sure the gear your are considering is right for you and in your budget.

New Biker Gear