If you are finding it hard to find a jacket, trousers or 1 piece suit to fit exactly as you want, then made to measure is the way to go.


We are one of the specially selected stores fully trained by Dainese to offer this service (formally “FitNet”). We will measure you in our store at your convenience and then work with you and Dainese Italy to design the garment/suit and have it tailored to ensure you are 100% satisfied:

  • Dainese style and protection specially made to fit you exactly
  • Measurements take place in shop, by one of our fully Dainese trained team and the suit is then made by Dainese in Italy
  • You can also include numerous different colours, scripts and logos to your design (see Customisation below)


We also have the ability to get your garments adjusted, repaired or customised.

Why not add your favourite logo, or 'tattoo' design to your suit - or even just your name or that of your club/team? To get some ideas, we have a display of some logo/badge customisations in the shop to help you decide.

The tailor we use has probably the most Dainese experience in the UK and can handle pretty much any make. So please talk to us and bring your clothing in for us to get a quote. We can handle both leather and textiles (including Gore-Tex).