Drift Action Carmeras

Ever gone out for a ride on your motorbike and wanted to relive it over and over again? Perhaps you found a new road you simply loved, or the weather was absolutely perfect?

Or maybe you’re touring and want to show your friends and family what you’ve been getting up to on your motorcycle when you return home?

If you want to capture memories on the bike, we stock a great selection of action cameras from Drift at Bike Stop that are ideal when it comes to recording your rides.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We stock powerful action cameras such as the Drift 4K. This camera captures video in impressive 4K high definition and features dual microphones to reduce wind noise as you ride. There’s also technology in place to stabilise videos and minimise blurring.

The Drift Ghost X is a highly mobile and aerodynamic camera that offers a great user experience. Capture every mile in high definition and take advantage of this camera’s 5 hours of recording time and rotatable lens.

We also stock the fantastic Drift Ghost-S and Drift Stealth 2 Action Cameras – both great buys if you’re keen to add a video recorder to your ride and relive the miles from the comfort of your home.

Bike Stop stocks Drift Camera Two Way Remotes. With intuitive control and easy to attach to a wrist or pack, this control comes with fantastic glove-friendly buttons and clearly communicates the status of the camera with the rider by using Drift’s innovative colour system.

Awesome Accessories

If you’re looking for great ways to advance your ride and get the most out of your motorbike journeys, Bike Stop offers a range of excellent accessories we’re sure you’ll love.

We stock items from leading manufacturers, and you can take advantage of our excellent free next day delivery offer if you order before 3pm and spend more than £25. Find a great buy in our store today.