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The shops stock has been developed over 30 years. We are all bikers and we continually select our stock to offer the best protection at every price point and ensure we also listen to the feedback from our customers. When we say protection we mean for both safety and weather protection while not forgetting comfort otherwise we would all be wearing fully armoured suits! we also wear the gear we sell and of course are regularly trained by our partner suppliers to help keep up with the latest technology.
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  • Moto Girl Moto Kevlar Leggings

  • Moto Girl Moto Kevlar Leggings - Petite

  • Moto Girl Moto Kevlar Leggings - Tall

  • Richa Bolt Textile Waterproof Jacket

  • RST Blade II Leather Trousers - Long Leg

  • Dainese Ladies' Assen Leather Jacket

    Was £389.95

    Now £259.99

  • Dainese Bonneville Regular Kevlar Jeans

    Was £159.95

    Now £119.99

  • RST Blade II Perforated Leather Jacket