Hirotake Arai was a legend amongst motorcyclists with his unparalleled riding skills. Back in his prime in the fifties, there were no helmet manufacturers in Japan, let alone one making anything to legal standards. However, after having some accidents of his own, Arai helmets came into play and are now a well-known brand of motorcycle gear…

Focus on safety

Arai knew that he needed his helmet range to provide riders with the ultimate protection so they could push themselves to the limit. That’s why Bike Stop’s range of Arai helmets are classed as some of the highest quality motorcycle helmets available on the motorcycle market.

If you take part in a demanding riding style such as sports and adventure, you’ll need a helmet that can withstand the pressure. You’ll also be pleased to know that Arai helmets will not only keep you safe, but also looking stylish.

Speaking of style…

You can choose your new Arai helmet from a selection of ranges, including:

  • Freeway Classic (Open face)
  • Axces 3
  • Chaser X
  • Rebel
  • QV Pro
  • And the top level race/track day RX7V

With such a wide choice of helmets to choose from, each featuring their own unique designs and colours, every rider will be able to find a motorcycle helmet to meet their needs. Whatever your style, whether you like to keep things casual and laid back or flashier, you can find an Arai helmet to match your currently selection of motorcycle clothing.

For further information on Arai as a brand, just get in touch with a member of the Bike Stop team. Since investing in a motorcycle helmet is an important purchase, we can help you to decide which helmet would be best suited and give you further information on sizing. We are also proud to have been the first in the UK to appointed an Arai Technical Pro Dealer and therefore carry extra stock of accessories and custom fitting options.

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  • Arai Tour-X 4 Helmet - Diamond Black

  • Arai Tour-X 4 Helmet - Diamond White

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Curve

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Plain

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Haslam

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Hayden

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Pedrosa

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Spencer

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Statement

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Vinales

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - HRC Limited Edition

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Doohan Jubilee

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Kenny Roberts

  • Arai QV Pro Helmet - Plain

    Was £499.99

    Now £349.99

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Dual

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Keen

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Line

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Sensai

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Plain

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Competition

    Was £524.99

    Now £369.99

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Finish

    Was £524.99

    Now £369.99

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Plain