Belstaff Motorcycle Gear

“A British luxury brand rooted in
Heritage & Adventure since 1924.”


Belstaff have been an iconic motorcycle brand for many years, providing riders of all expertise with motorcycle gear they can rely on. With resilience, durability and unparalleled style in mind, this British premium brand has created a range of waterproof, wax cotton motorcycle jackets. Some of their most iconic models include the Brooklands jacket and the Tourist Trophy jacket. They also offer some beautifully styled leather jackets and options for ladies. If you’re on the hunt for new motorcycle gear that will offer high quality style and protection, that looks great on or off the bike browse Bike Stop’s range of Belstaff motorcycle clothing below.

Perfect for every rider

Regardless of whether you like to cruise on big group rides or head on a solo motorcycle adventure, a Belstaff motorcycle jacket will be sure to keep you comfortable. The waterproof wax-cotton versions will keep you warm and dry when bad weather strikes, whilst the cotton elements will stop you from getting too stuffy and sweaty.

If you’re a new rider who’s looking to capture the aesthetic of classic motorcycle style, Belstaff’s jackets can provide you with exactly that. The clean-cut design and selection of popular colours such as black, brown, red and navy can complete your look.

Luxury, heritage, adventure

With the love of adventure and heritage rooting back to 1924, Belstaff have had decades of experience creating motorcycle clothing that is optimised to perform under adventure conditions. No matter what the British countryside throws at you, you can rest assured that a Belstaff motorcycle jacket won’t crack under the pressure.

The beauty of these jackets is that they can be worn not only as a piece of motorcycle clothing, but daily as an everyday fashion staple. So, if you’re someone who likes to make the most out of their jacket, Belstaff have got you covered.

Want to know more about this iconic brand and what they have to offer? Then simply get in touch with a member of the Bike Stop team. You can either call us on 01438 317038 or chat to us in real time with our live chat function.

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  • Belstaff Brooklands Waxed Leather Jacket - Antique Black

  • Belstaff Ladies' Bradshaw Waxed Cotton Jacket

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  • Belstaff Kavanagh Textile Waterproof Jacket

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  • Belstaff Classic Tourist Trophy Waxed Cotton Jacket - British Racing Green

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  • Belstaff Brooklands Blouson Textile Jacket - British Racing Green

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