RST is a brand that excels in the production of high quality equipment, whilst keeping the price range affordable and accessible. Their gear is designed in the Uk , and they provide a variety of products including leathers, gloves, textiles, boots and suits. RST pride themselves on offering riders with a unique price point, whilst reassuring that the overall quality of the goods is excellent. Because of this, RST are recognised as a top manufacturer of motorcycle gear and we’re proud to offer their products at Bike Stop.

Quality materials for high quality gear

RST gear features high quality materials across all their collections and products, meaning that all riders receive high quality equipment for a great price. You can ride easy knowing that your gear from RST will not fall apart after regular use, and that it will last you through many rides and experiences. Not only are the products from RST safe and reliable, they are also designed to be extremely comfortable without compromising on the levels of protection they provide.

Stock up on riding essentials

RST are an all-rounder brand, providing riders with everything they need to get out on their motorcycles knowing they’re protected, and following the law. Stock up on everything you need, whether it’s:

RST Jackets

Choose from an impressive variety of leather and textile motorcycle jackets, across a range of price points, without compromising the quality of construction or materials used. With so many different colours and styles available, there’s always a RST product perfect for you.

RST Trousers

Pair up your new RST jacket with a matching pair of RST trousers, that delivers both superb style and great functionality. This way you can easily gear up in the motorcycle gear you need, whilst remaining stylish, comfortable, and safe in the knowledge that you’ve chosen reliable products.

RST One Piece Suits

Find the perfect one piece suit for you with RST’s varied range which spans from low to high prices. The lower-end suits are a great choice for riders seeking a reliable suit made from durable materials, but are constrained by a limited budget.

RST Two Piece Suits

Although called “suits” RST have the benefit that you can mix and match jacket/trouser sizes or easily wear part of your new RST two piece suit with other pieces of gear, as all RST two piece suits are manufactured using the same length joining zips. Find your favourite now!

RST Boots

Looking for a high quality, yet affordable pair of motorcycle boots? Then the RST range is perfect for you. Made of comfortable, high quality materials and featuring perfect shapes for your feet, you can easily find the perfect fit for you.

RST Gloves

Discover the amazing variety of RST motorcycle gloves available at Bike Stop and choose your favourite colours and styles now. This range also features gloves designed specifically for female riders, as well as waterproof versions.

Is RST for me?

RST has got your back when it comes to finding the perfect pieces to add to your collection of motorcycle gear. With safety, style and value being their focus, you can trust that you’re suited up in some of the best gear for the best prices.

If you’re a new rider who is looking to get geared up for their first motorcycle experience whilst wanting to keep to a budget, then RST is the brand for you. Going out on your bike for the first time can be daunting, but RST specialise in providing you with high levels of protection so you can enjoy yourself every time you hit the roads! Everyone should be able to ride safely, and so if you’re someone on a stricter budget but still wants to be as safe as possible, you’ll find everything you need from RST.

If you have any queries or questions about our range of RST motorcycle gear, feel free to reach out to a member of our staff. Whether you need to know sizing information or safety specs, we’ll be able to lend you a helping hand.

Call us on 01438 317038 or chat to us online!

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  • RST Contour Plus Hip Protectors - Level 1

  • RST Vintage II Aramid Fibre Jeans

  • RST Vintage II Aramid Fibre Jeans - Short Leg

  • RST Vintage II Aramid Fibre Jeans - Long Leg

  • RST Ladies' Straight Leg Aramid Fibre Jeans

  • RST Ladies' Straight Leg Aramid Fibre Jeans - Short Leg

  • RST Pro Series Adventure III Textile Waterproof Jacket

  • RST Pro Series Adventure III Textile Waterproof Trousers

  • RST Men's Connection Belt

  • RST Roadster Leather Boots

  • RST Adventure II Leather Waterproof Boots

  • RST Full Zip Hollowfill Gilet

  • RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Boots

  • RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Waterproof Boots

  • RST Tractech Evo R CE Leather Gloves

  • RST Ladies' Gemma 2 CE Waterproof Jacket