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Keeping warm on the bike can be tricky when it comes to those winter months. If you’re not dressed correctly, the cold can really impact your enjoyment of a ride.

That’s why Keis has created a great selection of items that will help keep motorcycle riders warm and comfortable in challenging conditions, allowing you to enjoy the open road whatever the weather.

At Bike Stop, we stock a fine range of heated motorcycle clothing and items from Keis that allow you to get the most out of every minute on your motorbike.

Wonderful Warm Clothing

Keis’ selection of body warmers for both men and women are sleek, sharp and effective. With Micro Alloy Element Technology in place, these bodywarmers are breathable and lightweight while offering a great level of heat for wearers.

Among Keis’ range of motorbike jackets is the Keis X25 Heated Mid-Layer Jacket. Great for men and women, this jacket comes with heat panels strategically positioned on the chest, kidneys, arms and collars allowing wearers to reach new levels of warmth and comfort on the bike.

We also stock heated under trousers from Keis that offer a sublime combination of comfort and effectiveness.

Riders will likely know the problems cold hands can bring when riding if your motorbike gloves aren’t up to scratch. Bike Stop stocks a selection of heated motorcycle gloves from Keis that allow you to stay comfortable and gives you the means to operate your vehicle effectively.

We also stock heated inner soles from Keis to keep your feet warm in the coldest weathers.

Excellent Battery Packs

As well as great garments, our selection of battery packs and chargers from Keis can help you keep garments warm throughout the winter months.

Why not take advantage of our excellent free next day delivery offer for orders before 3pm and over £25, and get hold of some fantastic Keis clothing today?

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  • Keis X300 Heated Inner Soles - Black

  • Keis X200 Heated Inner Gloves - Black

  • Keis 2600mah Battery Pack with UK Charger

  • Keis G501 Premium Heated Waterproof Leather Gloves

  • Keis V501 Premium Heated Vest

  • Keis Ladies' B501W Premium Heated Bodywarmer

  • Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket

  • Keis Additional Battery Pack – 5200mAh (No Charger)

  • LI-ION High-Speed Battery Charger 2.5A UK (Without Battery)


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