Rukka Motorcycle Gear

Founded in 1950, exceptional defense and comfort standards

Rukka, a company that was originally founded in 1950, produces technical and functional gear made from top quality materials for leisure activities. Every single type of material used in their designs is repeatedly tested by the supplier and Rukka before it is used in the construction of a product, so that you know when you buy a Rukka product it is going to be durable and excel at the function it was made for. The clothing is designed and manufactured to meet the Rukka Defence & Comfort performance standards that exceed the criteria set for wather-proofing and riding comfort. All of the garments they produce carry the patented Rukka Air protectors, the only patented breathable protectors that meet CE norm EN 1621-1 standards and function equally in all weather conditions. Each outfit is best suited to a defined comfort area, be it hot or cold, rain or sunshine - the technologies are designed for various conditions and combined with a range of over 25 unique materials they easily meet your riding needs.

Rukka Jackets

Rukka motorcycle jackets are some of the best bits of biker gear on the market. Although they are high end in terms of price, they are well worth it as you know that Rukka won't have cut any corners when it comes to the construction or materials. The jackets are all packed with ergonomic features to fulfil your needs and made with the highest levels of comfort in mind.

Rukka Trousers

Trousers made by Rukka are on the same level as their jackets - perfectly constructed aimed at the higher end of the market. They are packed with ergonomic and comfort features, and because they produce such a wide range of them there is always going to be at least one pair of trousers that suits you.

Rukka Gloves

Rukka motorcycle gloves are hard to top in quality and ergonomic features. As with all Rukka products, they are packed with innovative technology that is always great with gloves as it is a key point of contact between you and the bike - comfort definitely matters. They also do a range of waterproof and non-waterproof gloves.