Full face helmets, open face, flip front ... all carefully selected from leading brands

No matter what type of bike you ride, safety and comfort is what you want from a motorcycle helmet, isn't it? It’s a balance between the best level of safety you can afford combined with the style you want, but always the optimum fit possible. Don't 'go cheap' and try and save money here as it’s the most important piece of your kit and of course mandatory by law. Be prepared to part with a chunk of your hard-earned cash to get the right helmet. So many motorcyclists make the mistake of shelling out a fortune on a cool bike with all the bells and whistles, only to buy a cheap helmet, that might match the bike but compromises on safety standards!

One way to find the right helmet – one that will keep you safe and fit– is to purchase from a long established Dealer with a fully trained team who has selected a range over many years of experience. Bike Stop can offer you exactly that: a diverse selection of motorcycle helmets sourced from the most reputable helmet manufacturers. Get the finest helmets that money can buy made by industry giants, such as Shark, Shoei, AGV (why not splash out on a Valentino Rossi replica!?), Arai, Bell and Davida.

Helmets for every type of biker

What kind of bike do you ride? Or maybe you're thinking of getting a bike for the first time soon, and will need a helmet to go with your other essential gear, such as a good motorcycle jacket, boots and gloves? Online or in store, Bike Stop can offer you:

Full face helmets – The most protective type for safety (and weather protection) with a fixed chin-bar. These normally come with a flip-up visor, but you can also select one with an integral drop-down sun visor if you're looking for enhanced convenience.

Open face helmets – You're after a helmet with a more traditional look? OK. Opt for an open face helmet without a chin-bar. A peak or visor attached is an option with this type of helmet or even an integrated drop down sun visor, if that's what you'd prefer.

Flip front helmets – For the best of both worlds in a helmet, opting for a flip up design is the answer. Enjoy excellent flexibility and highly protective helmet that combines a full-face but where the chin-bar unlocks and rotates up – ideal for whenever you need to converse with another and for putting on your helmet more comfortably (like an open-face helmet). Where you want to ride with it “open” we suggest the version where the chin bar rotates all the way to the back of the helmet.

Not sure which one to buy? Talk to us

Whatever type of bike you ride, the array of helmet options can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, can't it? The helmet industry is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning that there is so much choice out there, from style to materials it can really be confusing and overwhelming. So, how on earth do you know which helmet is the right one for you? You're looking to make an important investment here in an item that could serve you well for many years to come, so how do you select the right helmet when the time comes to buy?

The answer is to get advice from experienced, trained experts, before parting with your cash. One phone call to Bike Stop's friendly team could save you from wasting your money on the wrong helmet or one not even designed for the UK market! Talk things over with us, and then enjoy choosing from the options we suggest. We're sure to have the motorcycle helmet you need right here. If not, we can easily order it in for delivery to us next day. Plus we can do custom fitting as we stock a full range of new crowns and cheekpads for Arai and Shoei in particular. We also have a big stock of tinted visors, helmet care items and helmet bags so again just ask.

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  • Shoei XR1100 Helmet - Gloss Black

  • Caberg Duke Helmet - Gravity

  • Caberg Duke 2 Helmet - Legend

  • Caberg Duke 2 Helmet - Plain

  • Caberg Drift Helmet - Armour

  • Caberg Drift Helmet - Carbon

  • Caberg Drift Helmet - Flux

  • Caberg Drift Helmet - Plain

  • Caberg Drift Helmet - Shadow

  • Caberg Drift Helmet - Tour

  • Caberg Ghost Helmet - Plain

  • Caberg Ghost Helmet - Legend

  • Caberg Ghost Helmet - Carbon

  • Bell Pro Star Helmet - Ratchet

  • Bell Pro Star Helmet - Solid

  • Bell Pro Star Helmet - Tracer

  • Bell Race Star Helmet - RSD Chief

  • Bell Race Star Helmet - Solid

  • Bell Race Star Helmet - Speed Check

  • Bell Race Star Helmet - Tracer

  • Bell Race Star Helmet - Triton

  • Bell Star Helmet - IOM

  • Bell Star Helmet - Pace

  • Bell Star Helmet - RSD Blast