Arai is one of the most iconic and well-known helmet brands in the world, providing bespoke, handmade motorcycle helmets for the use in demanding motorsport and regular road use. The perfect partnership between the hard, exterior shell combined with the multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner layer lining provides the ultimate protection. The formula of the inner EPS lining is a closely guarded secret, but all you need to know is that it will keep you safe on the road, so you can feel confident whilst you ride.

Tried and tested

As well as having some of the best motorcycle helmets on the market, Arai also have the highest level of in-house helmet testing. In fact, the RX7V is one of the only helmets in the world to meet both European and US safety standards. Arai focus on creating helmets that are as safe and as high quality as possible, helping all sorts of riders find the best motorcycle helmet to suit their needs.

Find your style

Arai helmets come in various collections, meaning you can find the perfect fit and shape to suit you and your riding style. Choose from Arai’s innovative collections available now at Bike Stop, including:

  • Freeway Collection
  • Axces 3 Collection
  • Chaser X Collection
  • QV Pro Collection
  • Rebel Collection
  • Tour-X 4 Collection
  • RX-7V Collection

With such a large choice of designs, riders of varying styles such as sports, tour and adventure will be able to find the perfect helmet that will not only help to keep them as safe and as comfortable as possible, but will also help them look the part.

Recognisable designs

Arai are known for the creation of stylish and fashionable helmets that will be a timeless piece in any rider’s kit. Choose from bold and colourful designs to add some excitement to your motorcycle get-up, or keep it cool and classic with black and grey tones that are sure to compliment your existing motorcycle clothing and accessories.

For further information on Arai motorcycle helmets, don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team

01438 317038 or catch us on our live chat facility online!

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  • Arai Tour-X 4 Helmet - Diamond Black

  • Arai Tour-X 4 Helmet - Diamond White

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Curve

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Plain

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Haslam

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Hayden

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Pedrosa

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Spencer

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Statement

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Vinales

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - HRC Limited Edition

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Doohan Jubilee

  • Arai RX-7V Helmet - Kenny Roberts

  • Arai QV Pro Helmet - Plain

    Was £499.99

    Now £349.99

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Dual

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Keen

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Line

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Sensai

  • Arai Axces III Helmet - Plain

    Was £339.99

    Now £239.99

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Competition

    Was £524.99

    Now £369.99

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Finish

    Was £524.99

    Now £369.99

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Plain

  • Arai Chaser-X Helmet - Shaped