Forcefield Motorcycle Body Armour


Keeping your body protected whilst you’re out on your motorcycle should be a top priority for all riders, especially if you take part in demanding motor sports. If you’re in need of some new motorcycle body armour, check out Bike Stop’s range of Forcefield motorcycle body armour.

Forcefield are a brand that specialise in producing impact protection body armour and high-performance clothing systems, ideal for all riders who are looking for that extra level of protection.

Protective yet comfortable

Whilst Forcefield motorcycle body armour is high on protection, it isn’t cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear underneath your motorcycle clothing. In fact, Forcefield utilises soft armour technology that offers both unrivalled safety and comfort for motorcycling.

If you’re a rider who needs protection but doesn’t get on with the way it feels underneath your exterior gear, then Forcefield motorcycle body armour is ideal for you.

Armour for vital areas

Forcefield provide body armour for important areas of the body, taking into consideration areas that are more likely to get damaged in the unfortunate event of a crash. You’ll be able to find specially designed pieces to fit onto areas of your body, including;

  • Elbow protectors
  • Armoured pants
  • Back inserts

Forcefield’s elbow protectors come in the form of an easy to apply limb tube, whilst their range of back protectors are deigned to be easily slipped into internal pockets of motorcycle jackets.

An important investment

Finding comfortable, effective and reliable motorcycle body armour is an important step in kitting up, which is why Bike Stop only stock from the best brands on the market. If you choose to stock upon Forcefield motorcycle body armour, you can rest assured that you’ll receive high quality protection for the price you pay.

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