We're all familiar with the image of the motorcyclist covered from head to toe in leather, but what is it exactly that sets motorcycle clothing apart? Is it the fabric, the way the clothing is made, or simply the way in which it is used? It is a mix of all three, with motorcycle jeans in particular becoming a popular item of clothing among people who ride motorbikes. Jeans have become more popular in the past few decades, in part because of the rise in popularity of normal jeans. Unlike leathers, or other protective clothing which was made specifically for use in riding motorbikes, motorcycle jeans (particularly denim motorcycle jeans) stand out a lot less - they can be worn for other activities both without drawing too much attention to themselves or their wearer, and without sacrificing anything in the way of protection or safety. This versatility is something which has allowed for a boost in sales. Now that manufacturers know that motorcycle jeans are a product which will sell, they have been able to provide the market with jeans in a variety of different materials, including denim, armoured material and Kevlar, with a range of different modifications on top to suit the needs of any biker. The basic model, of course, is denim motorcycle jeans, with all the other types of jeans growing from that one original type. Denim motorcycle jeans can be worn in any situation that normal jeans can be worn in, with the added advantage that they still maintain extra protection against motorcycle accidents, such as extra padding over joints and prominent bones, and a tapered ankle to prevent accidents.

We are mostly familiar with Kevlar as the material used in bulletproof vests; but it does have other uses. Like Teflon, designers have been experimenting with Kevlar in an attempt to create new clothes which can withstand tough conditions. 

Kevlar motorcycle jeans combine all the advantages of Kevlar - it's resistant to heat, abrasions and impacts - with all the advantages of denim jeans. For motorbike riders, this results in a set of trousers which will provide more than the average amount of protection when sliding along the tarmac during or after an accident, as well as providing a measure of protection for riders during everyday situations. 

As well as being composed of Kevlar material, Kevlar motorcycle jeans contain shock absorbing armour made of the same material. This armour (which is removable in some makes of jeans) is focused around certain points, in order to best protect the wearer.
Armoured motorcycle jeans are quite often made of Kevlar, Teflon or some other heat- and impact-resistant material, but they are just as often made out of simple denim. Depending on which make of jeans are bought, the armour can be more or less built up, making these jeans an ideal type to buy if the riding you are planning is going to be off-road, where it is worth sacrificing the heat-resistance for more protection on joints and vulnerable muscles. 
As already mentioned, in a lot of motorcycle jeans the armour is a removable layer, instead of being built or sewn into the fabric of the jeans. This is an advantage for any customers who may either need to rely on motorbikes as their only mode of transport (but can't carry any spare clothes), or who want to be able to move smoothly from event-appropriate clothing to motorbike riding appropriate. 

Armour that can be removed easily may also be an advantage for riders who enjoy a mix of on and off-roading, since it means they have the flexibility to choose what levels and types of
protection they want.
Having clothes specifically tailored for women will allow them to enjoy the maximum amount of protection and safety while also being comfortable. 

The wide range of styles and levels of protection in ladies' motorcycle jeans enable women to enjoy the same safety levels as men. There is also potential for some styles to be created specifically for women, with protection in different areas, as the bone structure around the hips and waist is slightly different.