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Subject: [NEW BIKE LISTING] Bike Stop Classifieds

  Photographs Please attach up to 8 photographs of your bike with a minimum resolution of 800 x 800 pixels.
1. Make and model Manufacturer and model name/number (e.g. Yamaha XSR700)
2. Registration Year The reg year (e.g. Y-reg, 68-reg, 21-reg).
3. Mileage Current odometer reading, to the nearest 100 miles.
4. Engine size The CC of the engine.
5. Fuel Type Petrol or diesel.
6. Contact details Telephone number and email address so that potential buyers can get in touch.
7. Location Town/city and county. Allows potential buyers to find offerings local to them.
8. Asking price How much you would like to list the bike for, in pound sterling.
9. (Optional) Prose Up to 200 words detailing any additional information you believe potential buyers should know about your bike.


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