Kriega Overlander-30 Frameless Kit

If you already have a Kriega pannier solution, or just some Overlander-15 packs, then this handy piece of kit will allow you to convert two of those packs into a frameless Overlander-30 setup. Ideal for connecting to a dirtbike, the Frameless Kit consists of all web-straps and alloy hardware (incl. rack loops) to retro-fit the packs to your bike - frame-free!
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Multi-adjustable mounting to fit virtually all enduro and dual-sport bikes. The rear fender needs to be drilled (four 6mm holes) to fit the Rack loops. Rack loop low profile components still work with rear fuel tank bikes such as KTM 690 and Husabergs. For fitting (with teo Overland 15 packs): hang panniers over the seat and adjust the connection strap between the packs. Set the height of the panniers to just below the top surface of the seat. Attach the top alloy hooks to the rear two rack loops (inline or crossed over, depending on pack position required). Do not fully tighten hook straps. Connect the base of the bags to the bikes frame/subframe with the web loop 'ladder' and hook combination. Hook to the tightest part of the ladder as possible. Tuck unused section of web-ladder between bike and pack and then fully tighten cam straps to trap loose web underneath bag.
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