Protective biking gear for men and women - feel 100% safe on the road

There's more to protecting yourself while riding than 'just' wearing a helmet, isn't there? With the emerging problem of motorists texting and using social media whilst driving, Britain's roads are becoming increasingly dangerous, meaning that motorcyclists need to take every possible step to protect themselves at any time of day and night and in all weathers. Motorcycle body armour is the answer. For most motorcyclists, in fact, wearing body armour just feels like the right thing to do! And with the fabulous choice of armour available these days, looking good whilst being protected is easy to achieve.

At Bike Stop, we all love biker gear, too, of course. But that doesn't mean we stock anything and everything that comes onto the market available to buy. No, all the motorcycling protective gear we stock is tried and tested and only sourced from trusted, proven suppliers – top industry names, such as Dainese and D3O.

Choose from an awesome selection of men's, ladies' and unisex:

  • Armoured shorts
  • Back protectors
  • Knee protectors and sliders
  • Elbow guards
  • Chest protectors
  • And more

For a perfect fit, why not choose 'custom fit' or made to measure?

What item of motorcycling body armour do you need at the moment? Perhaps you're already kitted out but your gear has grown a bit worn and tired, and it's time for a refresh? Or you may be getting back in the saddle after years of not biking regularly, and you're eager to buy the very latest gear, to go along with your smashing new bike, or your old 'dusted off’ one!? We're sure to have all the essential items you need. And if you're a pillion passenger who wants to feel 100 per cent safe at all times whilst out on the open road or in a busy city during the rush hour, there's plenty here for you to choose from, whether you're male or female.

However you're looking to armour yourself whilst riding, Bike Stop can easily provide you with the right item, at the right price. And, don't forget, if you can't find what you need in the correct size and fit, we offer tailoring and made-to measure motorcycle clothing options.

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