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Did you know that back protectors come in two different variants: the European "CE" basic level 1 or better level 2? This means that the amount of force transmitted from an impact to you is reduce more for a level 2 than 1, helping you to find the perfect level of protection to suit your needs. Bike Stop’s range of back protectors offer a choice of those that can be worn as inserts in your existing motorcycle jacket, or worn as separate items secured with straps.

Regardless of your chosen riding style, back protection is an essential piece of gear to add. Keeping your back protected should be a top priority for all riders.

Contoured for a snug fit

Our entire range of back protection, including the iconic D30 collection, contains perfectly shaped armour. This makes for a close fit to the body to provide maximum protection whilst remaining extremely comfortable. Having back protection that is appropriately shaped can help to keep you feeling safe and secure, meaning you can enjoy your ride knowing your safety is covered.

Are back protectors necessary?

If you like to race and compete on your motorcycle, then having a high-quality back protector is a must. If you cruise or ride casually, back protection is still important as you can never guarantee what can happen whilst you’re out on the road. Just like wearing a helmet to protect your head, the back is a vital part of the body and requires protection.

Designed for everyone and for every day

Back protectors are not limited to just one type of rider, but are designed to assist every rider and their chosen style to provide unparalleled protection when you need it most. You can wear back protectors all year round without feeling uncomfortable, and incorporate this piece of gear into your motorcycle kit with ease.

For further guidance and information on back protectors, feel free to reach out to a member of the Bike Stop team. With our years of motorcycle expertise, we’ll be able to help you decide what’s best for you.

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