Summer Motorcycle Gloves


Every long-term rider will know that whilst taking a ride on a warm summer’s day is enjoyable, there’s nothing worse than getting hot and sweaty in your motorcycle gear. Being uncomfortable on your bike can not only take away some fun from your riding experience, but also make it difficult. Bike Stop have curated a range of summer motorcycle gloves to answer all your problems.

Keeping you looking and feeling cool

Our range of summer motorcycle gloves features ventilation technology that will keep cool air flowing whilst you’re out on your ride, helping to keep sweat under control. The gloves in this range also feature lighter, more breathable fabrics that allow your skin to perspire without gathering a build-up of sweat. However, don’t be fooled – these gloves still provide unfaltering protection, keeping your hands, knuckles and wrists safe from damage.

The freshest styles from the coolest brands

If you like to look your best whilst out cruising, you’re in luck. Bike Stop’s range of summer gloves has been sourced from top motorcycle suppliers, helping you to stay ahead of trends. Take your pick from a list of brands, including:

  • Bering
  • Dainese
  • Richa
  • RST
  • Rukka

These brands specialise in creating the best possible quality of motorcycle gear, meaning riders can rest assured that they are getting reliable and long-lasting products for their money.

Perfect for every rider and their style

Whether you like to compete to be top dog on a racecourse, cruise with your friends, or go on a riding adventure, there will be a pair of motorcycle gloves for the warmer months that is perfect for you. You can choose from a range of stylish colours such as classic black, trendy brown, daring red and brilliant white to help you match your gloves to your existing motorcycle gear.

For more information on our range of summer gloves, including facts about ventilation and perforated gloves and how they can work for you, just reach out to a member of the Bike Stop team.

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  • Rukka Apollo Gore-Tex X-Trafit Gloves - Black

    Was £199.99

    Now £179.99

  • Dainese 4 Stroke Evo Gloves - Black

  • Dainese Blackjack Gloves - Black

  • Knox Orsa Gloves - Black

  • Richa Racing WP Waterproof Gloves - Black

  • RST Urban Waterproof Gloves - Black

  • RST Ladies' Madison WP Waterproof Gloves - Black

  • Dainese Full Metal D1 Gloves - Black

    Was £299.95

    Now £189.99

  • Dainese Full Metal D1 Gloves - Black / White / Fluoro Red

    Was £299.95

    Now £189.99

  • Dainese Mig C2 Gloves - Black

  • Dainese Mig C2 Gloves - Black / White / Black

  • Dainese X-Strike Gloves - Black

  • Dainese X-Strike Gloves - White / Lava Red / Black

  • Richa Brooklyn Waterproof Gloves - Brown

  • Dainese X-Run Gloves - Black

  • Dainese Race Pro In Leather Gloves

    Was £209.95

    Now £149.99

  • RST Urban Air II Leather Gloves

  • RST Ladies' Urban Air II Leather Gloves

  • Dainese Carbon D1 Long Leather Gloves

  • Dainese Ladies' Carbon D1 Long Leather Gloves

  • Dainese Carbon D1 Short Leather Gloves

  • RST Ladies' Ellie II Leather Gloves

  • Dainese Tempest D-Dry Long Waterproof Gloves

  • Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short Waterproof Gloves