Open Face Motorcycle Helmets


If you’re looking to make the most out of a scenic riding experience, or you want to complete your riding aesthetic with retro inspired styles, then our range of open face helmets can help you to achieve exactly that. Our collection of open face motorcycle helmets combine head protection with effortless style, although from a safety perspective we always encourage riders to opt for a full face helmet instead.

Traditional designs and finishes

Bike Stop’s range of open face helmets is available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Choose from a classic, with no studs or visor to one that includes a drop-down sun visor. There are then plenty of colour designs to then choose from. Remember, a visor or peak can often be included with this type of helmet, or even googles if you’d prefer!

Choosing the right kind of motorcycle helmet

Due to the open face design, these helmets are not recommended for more demanding riding styles. For high impact riding styles such as racing, adventure and sports, we thoroughly recommend full face helmets as they provide higher levels of protection. However, open face helmets can be used for other riding styles such as:

  • Café/retro
  • Cruisers
  • Scooter riders
  • Commuters

They are also a possibly better suited option for those who love to ride, but might suffer from claustrophobia.

Not sure on the ideal helmet for you?

If you have any doubts about which style of motorcycle helmet to go for, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of biking experts. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction based on your style and preferences, as well as give advice on sizes and fitting services that are available at Bike Stop.

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  • Caberg Ghost Helmet - Carbon

  • Caberg Ghost Helmet - Legend

  • Caberg Ghost Helmet - Plain

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Silver

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Mono Union Jack Sides

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Matt Black / Gloss Stripe

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Matt Black

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Cream / Znut Brown Liner

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Cosmic Flake Orange

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Cosmic Candy Red

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Black / White Check

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Black / White

  • Davida Speedster V3 Helmet - Black / Gold Stripe

  • Shoei J-Cruise Helmet - Corso