Leather Motorcycle Jackets


Leather motorcycle jackets have been iconic pieces of motorcycle gear for many years, used by a variety of riders for high levels of protection and classic style. Today, they remain some of the most protective forms of motorcycle clothing on the market (that’s why all racers still wear leather), due to the protective properties of the leather combined with new and innovative treatments and technologies like sliders, back protectors and airbags.

A large variety of leather jackets

At Bike Stop, we like to offer riders with a wide range of styles, brands and features to choose from to help them on their way to finding the perfect leather motorcycle jacket. Some of the brands we offer include Dainese, Roland Sands, RST and Belstaff. These iconic labels are not only some of the most respectable names in the world of motorcycle clothing, but they are also high on protection to keep you safe on your rides.

Offering you vital upper body protection

Our range of leather motorcycle jackets offer you unfaltering levels of protection for your upper body, helping to keep you as safe as possible whether you’re cruising, touring or racing. You can find leather motorcycle jackets that feature integrated armour for the chest, elbows, shoulders and back. The body armour is comfortable to use alongside a leather jacket, and we thoroughly recommend investing in it for superior safety.

You can also browse our leather jackets by features to find the perfect one for you:

  • Seasonal jackets – don’t overheat in summer, and beat the chill in winter
  • Waterproof – perfect for riding in wet weather
  • Ventilation – to keep you cool and fresh on your rides
  • Air bags – featured in some jackets for that extra level of protection

With so many options available, every rider can find the ideal leather motorcycle jacket to add to their collection of gear.

Iconic style

Leather motorcycle jackets are a fantastic way to rock the traditional biker style, and can be worn both on the bike to offer you resistance against abrasion, and off the bike for effortless style. If you ride a cruiser, a leather motorcycle jacket can complete your look and match the rest of your gear, such as your motorcycle trousers and motorcycle boots.

Looking for more information on our range of leather motorcycle jackets? Then feel free to contact a member of our helpful staff or come by our Stevenage showroom to try them on.

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  • Roland Sands Ladies' Quinn Leather Jacket - Tan

    Was £490.00

    Now £300.00

  • Dainese Ladies' Mike Leather Jacket - Dark Brown

    Was £389.95

    Now £249.99

  • Belstaff Brooklands Waxed Leather Jacket - Antique Black

  • Richa Ladies' Lausanne Leather Jacket

  • Richa Toulon Leather Jacket

    Was £269.99

    Now £199.99

  • Roland Sands Ronin Leather Jacket

  • Richa Cafe Leather Jacket

  • Dainese Fighter Leather Jacket

    Was £519.95

    Now £399.99

  • Dainese Fighter Perforated Leather Jacket

    Was £519.95

    Now £399.99

  • Dainese Assen Leather Jacket

    Was £389.95

    Now £239.99

  • Dainese D-Air Misano Leather Jacket

    Was £1,499.95

    Now £899.99

  • Richa Daytona Leather Jacket

  • Richa Ladies' Daytona Leather Jacket

  • Dainese Corbin D-Dry Leather Waterproof Jacket

  • Dainese Racing 3 Leather Jacket

    Was £429.95

    Now £399.99

  • Spidi Ace Leather Jacket