Dainese Winter 2019 Motorcycle Clothing

Dainese is the company behind a host of stylish motorcycle gear and accessories. With decades of Italian craftsmanship shaping their work, the Dainese team is behind a broad selection of high-quality products.

Bike Stop is one of only a small number of stockists based in the UK providing Dainese products. So if you’re on the look out for high-quality items from this leading name, Bike Stop is the place to search.

Included in our Dainese range is this selection of great items for use in the winter months. You can buy stylish Dainese jackets that are designed to tackle the elements and keep you comfortable and warm whatever the winter throws at you.

We also have fantastic Dainese trousers available to buy at Bike Stop, as well as high-quality gloves and boots to help you complete that cool, continental look.

Bike Stop also knows the importance of staying dry while riding in winter, and offers many products from Dainese that are waterproof by design.

Our range covers items for both men and women, while there’s a host of unisex options too.

And our Dainese selection caters to different types of rider too. Whether you’re of the adventure ilk, race & track, sports or touring, you can find what you need at Bike Stop.

You can also buy excellent Dainese products designed for use in the summer months from Bike Stop. So don’t miss out on great purchases from our online store today.

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  • Dainese Ladies' Travelguard Gore-Tex Trousers - Black

    Was £299.95

    Now £199.99

  • Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex Trousers

  • Dainese Street Rocker Waterproof Boots - Black

  • Dainese Ladies' Tempest D-Dry Waterproof Trousers - Black

    Was £179.95

    Now £129.99

  • Dainese D-Core Thermo Under-Trousers - Long Leg - Black

  • Dainese Ladies' D-Core Thermo Under-Trousers - Long Leg - Black / Fuchsia

  • Dainese D-Core Thermo Under-Shirt - Long Sleeve - Black / Anthracite

  • Dainese Ladies' D-Core Thermo Under-Shirt - Long Sleeve - Black / Fuchsia

  • Dainese Galvestone D2 Gore-Tex Trousers

  • Dainese Ladies' Galvestone D2 Gore-Tex Trousers

    Was £249.95

    Now £229.95

  • Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short Waterproof Gloves

  • Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex Trousers - Long

  • Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex Trousers - Short

  • Dainese D-Air Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket

    Was £1,699.95

    Now £999.99

  • Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Jacket

  • Dainese Ladies' Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Jacket

  • Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Jacket - Short / Tall