Made to Measure Motorcycle Clothing

We are fully trained by Dainese to offer their made to measure or as they call it "FitNet" or "Custom Works" service. Its available for a number of 1 and 2 piece suits plus some separates. Measuring takes place here but we are sometimes able to offer measuring at VIP events or even in Italy so please get in touch. The choices are unique size and/or colours (including logos so long as you have the owner's permission). We just ask you to make an appointment with us and allow around 12 weeks. Recent customers include Steve Parrish & Baron Von Grumble.
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  • Moto Girl Moto Kevlar Leggings

  • Moto Girl Moto Kevlar Leggings - Petite

  • Moto Girl Moto Kevlar Leggings - Tall

  • Richa Bolt Textile Waterproof Jacket

  • Dainese Bonneville Regular Kevlar Jeans

    Was £159.95

    Now £119.99

  • RST Blade II Leather Trousers - Long Leg

  • RST Blade II Perforated Leather Jacket