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If you’re looking for a motorcycle suit that can have every aspect of safety covered, ranging from upper body to knee and back protection, you’ve come to the right place. Bike Stop stock a range of motorcycle suits from accredited brand RST, helping riders of all ages, style and experience levels find the ideal suit to meet their needs.

For the highest quality safety

Motorcycle suits from RST are designed to provide riders with unfaltering levels of safety and protection to keep them covered in the unfortunate event of a crash. The use of innovative materials and integrated armour makes RST motorcycle suits some of the highest quality and safe suits on the market. Not only do these suits keep your body safe from potential damage, but they also look cool.

Undeniable style

If looking the part is just as important to you, as well as keeping safe, RST motorcycle suits are a great choice. The non-intrusive body armour won’t make you look bulky. Instead the smooth and streamlined designs will keep you looking professional and sleek as you ride. Choose from some of the most iconic RST collections, including:

  • RST R-16
  • RST Tractech
  • RST Black Series

Popular with many riders, motorcycle suits from these collections are effortlessly stylish, and will be a staple within your collection of motorcycle gear for many years to come.

Essential for demanding environments

For riders who specialise in the thrilling, the exciting and the demanding, it’s especially important to make sure you are entirely protected against any potential injury. The all in one design makes for all-round protection, leaving no area uncovered and exposed. We particularly recommend race, sports and track riders to have a reliable motorcycle suit from RST.

If you’re a new rider who is looking to get geared up, or you’re an experienced rider who is looking to replace their worn and torn motorcycle suit, RST is the brand for you. If you need more information on RST and specs on their motorcycle suits, get in touch with a member of the Bike Stop team, and they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

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  • RST Tractech Evo R CE Leather Suit

  • RST R-18 CE Leather Suit

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    Now £262.49

  • RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Leather Two Piece Suit - Black

    As low as: £499.98

  • RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Leather Two Piece Suit - White

    As low as: £279.99

  • RST IOM TT Grandstand CE One Piece Perforated Leather Suit

  • RST Race Dept v4 One Piece Perforated Kangaroo Leather Suit

  • RST Tractech Evo 3 CE One Piece Perforated Leather Suit


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