A Guide to Some of the Best Biking Roads in Europe

26 May 2018
A Guide to Some of the Best Biking Roads in Europe

Summer is nearly upon us, and it's approaching the best time of year to undertake a Euro tour, but where do you go? In this blog I'm going to run through what I think are some of the best motorcycling roads in Europe, or at least the Western portion anyway.

Europe is chock full of fantastic roads, but they can take a little finding without some guidance, especially as some of them aren't necessarily that well known.


First off I'm going to start with three famous Alpine passes; the Grimsel, Furka and Susten. All three are in the Swiss Alps, and effectively form a loop which means they can make a great day's riding. The Grimsel is probably the most spectacular of the three, while the Furka is probably the best in terms of riding. All have their fair share of hairpins and sheer drops to keep you on their toes, with huge views over deep valleys and up to snowy peaks. The major issue is the dim view the Swiss take of speeding, so it's worth being aware of how fast you're going and understanding the speed limits. If you're on a touring bike you shouldn't be worried for the tight bends, but straighter sections will require some restraint, and besides you don't want to come a cropper!

All three are absolutely worth integrating into any tour going near this region of the Alps, just be wary of high accommodation costs in Switzerland!


My favourite Alpine pass is in Austria however - the Grossglockner High Alpine Pass. In my opinion it blows the previous three out of the water in terms of riding enjoyment and stonking views. The only downside is the toll for access to it, but it's absolutely worth it, even if you're just planning on passing through (and you get a decent sticker to put on your bike!). There's also a hotel on the pass which is very rustic, with a decent restaurant which makes a worthy stop if you're heading down to or up from Italy. There are a couple of old cobbled sections to be aware of, but the vast majority of the road is perfect tarmac which will allow you to really enjoy the bends, if you aren't gawping at the scenery!

Stelvio Pass

The final pass in the Alps I'm going to recommend is the Stelvio Pass, in Italy. It's probably one of the most famous passes in the Alps, partly thanks to Top Gear featuring it heavily. It's not quite as amazing for riding as you might expect, thanks to continual hairpins and a huge number of cyclists, but for sheer spectacle it's up there with the best. The view from the top back down over the hairpins is its party piece and well worth the journey.


Onto my final recommendation for riding in Europe, dubbed the 'Ronda Road', the A-397. It's in Southern Spain, and runs from just south of Marbella to the picturesque town of Ronda nestled up in the mountains. The main problem with a lot of mountain passes is the sheer number of hairpins which, in all honestly, can become tiresome, even if the views are sublime. The A-397 is a different beast entirely, and while it may not have the views, though it is still pretty, it is an absolute joy to ride, no matter what kind of bike you're on. Sportsbike riders will have their knees down constantly, while more relaxed riding will still allow a huge range of speed and lean angle to really make you feel alive. The road is very wide with a decent speed limit that isn't rigorously enforced, apart from a couple of speed cameras which are all sign posted prior. A cafe is also halfway along serving traditional Spanish food for not much cash and provides a huge hub for local riders - in the summer 100s of bikes can be found there sometimes, with foreign numberplates making regular appearances. The road is often used for motorcycle press launches and with good reason - if you're ever down this way it should be a must-ride for any biker.

The beauty of riding anywhere near mountains in Europe is you're almost guaranteed to find a great road, and there are many that haven't been mentioned here that I'm sure others will recommend. If you have any suggestions be sure to leave it in the comments!

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