Gear for a British Summer - The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

Gear for a British Summer - The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gear
11 June 2021
Gear for a British Summer - The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

In true British fashion, we’re being denied sunny weather with this May being the wettest for many years, a real shame as things open up again. If you’re looking to brave our current weather then a good set of waterproof gear is a surefire way to make your ride more enjoyable, so let’s check out some of the best we have to offer.

With summer supposedly around the corner it’s worth getting gear that’ll suit a rainy day, but won’t turn into a sweat box when the sun comes out again. Breathable membranes and closable air vents are what you should be looking for in the best kit – this will allow your sweat to escape, and cooling air to come in. Removable thermal linings will also allow your gear to last into the autumn or even the winter.

Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets and Trousers

Daine Carvemaster 2 Goretex JacketDaine Carvemaster 2 Goretex Jacket
Daine Carvemaster 2 Goretex Jacket

One of our favourite do-it-all jackets is the Dainese Carvemaster 2, sitting firmly in the mid-range of the market. Featuring a Goretex 3 membrane, air vents on the chest, back and sleeves, a removable thermal lining alongside armour and 3D-stone plating on the shoulders and elbows, this is very much a jacket for all occasions. Available also in a women’s fit, this jacket is many things to many people. There’s even a D-air version available who want bombproof weather and impact protection.

Pairing well with this jacket are the Dainese Carvemaster 2 trousers, packing the same great features that make the jacket worth considering – air vents, composite armour, Goretex and a removable thermal lining. Like the jacket, these are also available in a women’s fit.

Rukka Nivala Goretex JacketRukka Nivala Goretex Jacket
Rukka Nivala Goretex Jacket

There’s only really one step up above this level of kit for the all-weather rider, and that mantle falls on Rukka. Well renowned for their superb weather and crash protection, the brand offers some seriously capable gear, for a price of course. The Nivala jacket is about as protective a road jacket you can get without airbags; packing full D3O armour in the shoulder, elbows, back and chest, with Cordura and Kevlar abrasion protection. A removable down liner, vents and laminate Goretex round off the weather protection, with laminate Goretex offering waterproofing for all layers of the garment, rather than just the internals (no soggy, heavy jackets here!).

Naturally there is a pair of trousers to suit, under the same Nivala name, packing the same features that make the jacket so capable; D3O armour throughout, laminate Goretex, down liner and Kevlar/Cordura abrasion protection. For the serious commuter or sports tourer – this jacket and trouser combination are about the best you can get. A six year warranty only sweetens the deal and is very welcome considering the investment you’d be making.

Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Rukka Virium X-trafit Goretex GlovesRukka Virium X-trafit Goretex Gloves
Rukka Virium X-trafit Goretex Gloves

Moving onto the ends of your limbs, it’s time to check out boots and gloves. If it’s warm enough, wet summer gloves aren’t the end of the world as they dry quickly, however boots are a different proposition, and if it’s cold you’re in double trouble.

For those looking for a proper waterproof glove for the summer, the Rukka Virium is an ideal candidate – this packs a Goretex X-trafit membrane that reduces bulk enormously, allowing for better feel on the bars. Hard knuckle, scaphoid and finger protection is also present and correct. It doesn’t feature thermal insulation, which makes this glove ideal for warmer months.

Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars SMX-6 v2 Goretex BootAlpinestars SMX-6 v2 Goretex Boot
Alpinestars SMX-6 v2 Goretex Boot

To avoid a case of trenchfoot, look no further than the Alpinestars SMX-6 range, available in a bewildering array of versions. There is a non-waterproof version and a vented version for those who want to chance it, but there is also a Drystar version, as well as one packing Goretex. On top of this, there are even women’s fit version available. Suffice to say, this is a boot that is many things to many people. Hard armour in key spots, an ankle brace, shift pad and a microfibre abrasion resistant upper will keep your feet and ankles safe in the event of a spill and through daily wear and tear.

If you need some expert advice on waterproof gear for any time of year or type of riding, then you can have a chat online with us via web chat on our website, or visit us in Stevenage. We’ve finally reopened with our café opening for takeaway at the weekends. If you’re a bit far from Stevenage, our online shop is alive and well, and taking orders for delivery.  You can also check out our full range on our website with free delivery for any order over £50 on the UK mainland, and delivery possible to almost anywhere else. Not only that but our ‘No Quibble’ returns policy allows for returns within a 365-day period – see our returns page for more details.

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