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  • Six accessories you should probably own
    15 May 2023

    Six accessories you should probably own

    Motorcycling is a hobby which tends to start relatively cheaply. Many of us start with a used bike and budget clothing, but as the years roll by, we buy bigger, more expensive bikes and upgrade our gear with flashier helmets and better clothing. We buy various lotions and potions to keep our machines clean, and discover new tools and gadgets to help maintain them. After a few decades of riding, we'll own a tool for everything, more helmets than we know what to do with and enough fluid-filled aerosols to drown an elephant. Don't be afraid; this is perfectly normal.

    Furthermore, we'll accumulate accessories. Small items which fulfill some kind of need to make riding safer, easier or more fun. I've chosen six items from Bike Stop, which every rider needs in their arsenal.