The Best Biker Jeans from Bike Stop

The Best Biker Jeans from Bike Stop
26 January 2021
The Best Biker Jeans from Bike Stop

The classic pair of biker jeans is a staple of the biker look, harking back to a time where gear was basic and functional. Nowadays you can still go for that same look but with a lot of the protection you would get from race gear, Kevlar and aramid fibres have made jeans as protective as a good pair of leather trousers in some cases.

You’ll hear the name Kevlar jeans bandied about, however a large proportion of biker jeans use different abrasion protection, with different fibres offering different levels of protection. Not all jeans are created equal, so let’s take a look at what pairs should be on your shortlist.

Men's Biker Jeans

Resurgence Pekev Ultra Lite JeansResurgence Pekev Ultra Lite Jeans
Resurgence Pekev Ultra Lite Jeans

We covered them a short while back; the brand Resurgence have been making waves with a wide variety of gear using their proprietary abrasion protection, PEKEV. Depending on the gear you’re looking at a full 5-10 seconds of abrasion before any wearing through will happen – plenty for all but the highest speeds of slides. Their mid-range Ultra Lite jeans are the pick of the bunch, with their PEKEV denim achieving CE certification, alongside the included D3O armour in the knees and hips – these are genuinely jeans you can wear anywhere and keep you safe while looking great. Resurgence also offer jackets that ape shirts and hoodies, ideal for when you want casual style wherever you go.

RST Straight Leg CE Aramid JeansRST Straight Leg CE Aramid Jeans
RST Straight Leg CE Aramid Jeans

RST, as they’re well known for, have got the budget end of the market sewn up with some great options that won’t break the bank. For a solid pair of aramid fibre jeans look no further than the Reinforced Straight Leg CE Aramid Jeans (a bit of a mouthful) that come in at only £129.99. Like the aforementioned Resurgence pair these have achieved a CE certification with aramid fibre in the seat, knees and side of the legs, as well Contour Plus armour at the knees. The straight leg fit will mean you avoid the baggy look that was cool (supposedly) a couple of decades ago and avoid flapping when riding at speed.

Spidi J&Dyneema JeansSpidi J&Dyneema Jeans
Spidi J&Dyneema Jeans

Spidi’s J&Dyneema jeans are a seriously solid pair of jeans that will be good for anywhere but the track – including the Dyneema fibre that’s 40% stronger than aramid fibre by weight. Blending this into the denim material gives a sleek look and improves comfort, while Warrior Lite armour on the knees and hips take care of impact protection. Like the first two pairs mentioned these have also achieved a CE certification, as you would hope! A slim, but not skinny, fit keeps things stylish too.

Women's Biker Jeans

Knox Scarlett Skinny Fit Motorcycle JeansKnox Scarlett Skinny Fit Motorcycle Jeans
Knox Scarlett Skinny Fit Motorcycle Jeans

Knox have diversified considerably from their superb Handroid gloves, and now make gear for almost every part of your body. Their biker jeans are well up there in terms of performance and style, with the Scarlett Skinny being a great option for the female biker. They have basically all the features you could want from a pair of biker jeans – Cordura denim, Kevlar panels on key areas, removable MicroLock armour at the knees and hips, and even a CoolMax weave alongside a water-repellent treatment. This is a pair of jeans that can deal with a spill and even a bit of hot or soggy weather – well worth a look. To top it all off they look decent too!

RST Ladies Straight Leg CE Aramid Textile JeansRST Ladies Straight Leg CE Aramid Textile Jeans
RST Ladies Straight Leg CE Aramid Textile Jeans

RST’s also got a few options for female riders, with the same catchy title for one of them, the Ladies' Straight Leg CE Aramid Textile Jeans. These have the exact same features as the version for men with aramid fibre on the key impact areas, with CE Level 2 armour on the knees. They’ve got some extra stylistic flair over the plainer version for men, however the black version looks near identical if you’re not a fan of the patterns.

MotoGirl Aramid LeggingsMotoGirl Aramid Leggings
MotoGirl Aramid Leggings

In a similar vein to jeans, we also stock the MotoGirl Aramid Leggings, a bestseller for Bike Stop. Available in three different lengths (petite, regular and tall) and sizes 6-20 there’s a good chance you can find a pair to fit. Unlike denim jeans these are much more body-hugging like normal leggings, however the full length Kevlar lining and included CE Level 2 knee armour make them a proper motorcycle garment that’ll help you stay intact in the event of a spill. At £149.99 they’re obviously quite a bit more than your average pair of leggings, but compare very favourably to most aramid fibre jeans.

If you need some expert advice then you can have a chat online with us via web chat on our website. The Bike Stop shop in Stevenage is unfortunately closed once again in line with Government guidelines, however our online shop is alive and well, and taking orders for delivery. You can also check out our full range on our website with free delivery for any order over £50 on the UK mainland, and delivery possible to almost anywhere else. Not only that but our ‘No Quibble’ returns policy allows for returns within a 365-day period – see our returns page for more details. 

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